Property Management or managing someone’s property means managing a residential or commercial property that is owned by another person or entity. The company that manages the property is acting on behalf of the owner and takes care to preserve the value of the property. The property owner pays a certain fee or percentage of the rent of the real estate to the managing company.

The decision whether you choose to be an active owner who will manage its property or you decide to hire an outside company, specializing in managing another's property, always depends on your experience and the size of the property in question.

The company responsible for the management provides a complete range of services for your property. Depending on your needs and desires, the company will take responsibility for those tasks assignedby the owner, but also he could chooseif he wants the company to undertake complete responsibility for the subject property.

The company for management presents the relationship between landlord and tenants and may be responsible for the following points:

● Facility management - taking care of the overall maintenance

● Asset management - running a full accounting

● Full Lease - issuance of commercial and office space

● Advertising and presentation of your property to potential tenants

● Providing adequate and reliable tenants

● Accompanying potential tenants visiting the property

● Preparing a rental agreement

● Prepare reports and assessing property

● Manage and edit all necessary repairs

● Periodic inspection of the property and update the owner

● Timely informing tenants to complete the lease agreement

● Reissuing of free space immediately after release

● Legal aspects of property, including removal, delay in payment or non-payment, damage making etc..